Leads are just a list.
Referrals are a relationship.

Ramsey referrals are motivated to work with an agent—not play games.

Why Are Ramsey Referrals Better?

Simple. They actually want to buy or sell a house. They’re not tire kickers, wannabe flippers, or out to steal design ideas. And whether they've been following our financial principles for years or they're brand new to us, the bottom line is—they didn't go straight to a home listing site. They came to Ramsey looking for a pro they can trust. And that means you’re in the best possible position to convert them into your clients.

The RamseyTrusted real estate program is more than just leads

Wondering How They Find Ramsey?

If they didn’t use a good ol’ Google search looking for real estate help, then chances are they came from our ever-growing audience. That could mean The Ramsey Show (the country’s second-biggest syndicated radio show), one of our best-selling books, YouTube, podcasts, social media—even church.

The RamseyTrusted real estate program is more than just leads

So What Info Will You Get From These Referrals?

The details that’ll help you win. We’re asking the important questions and having them take an active role in the process—making your job easier. That means:

You’re not reaching out to fake numbers.

Because we’re verifying each one to make sure they’re a legit person who you’ll have the opportunity to serve.

You can start working them now or build out your pipeline.

They’re filling us in on when they need to buy or sell so you know who needs you right now and who will a few months down the road.

You’ll know just how ready they are.

Walk into their situation prepared by knowing the down payment they’ve got and exactly what kind of help they’re looking for.

Hear From Our Referrals.

Want More Numbers?

We’ve got ‘em––and they can give you an idea of how Ramsey referrals will perform.

Not Sold Yet?

That’s fine––we’re not the pushy-salesperson type. These pages will help you get to know the RamseyTrusted program a little better.