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'The Ramsey Show' Hits No.1 On Apple Podcasts Top Shows Chart

DECEMBER 22, 2023

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Ramsey Network announced that “The Ramsey Show” has reached the No. 1 spot on the Apple Podcasts Top Shows chart. The show was also named one of the Top Shows of the Year on Amazon Music, and it reached No. 1 in the Business category on Spotify this year.  

Co-hosted by personal finance expert Dave Ramsey, “The Ramsey Show” is a go-to resource for individuals seeking financial guidance and personal growth.    

"Thank you to everyone who works daily on our show,” said Dave Ramsey. “And thanks to all our listeners for choosing to spend your time with the Ramsey Personalities and me. I'm honored."  

“The Ramsey Show” is caller-driven and answers audience questions about getting out of debt, building wealth, growing relationships, finding fulfilling careers and more. Ramsey is joined each day by a rotating cast of co-hosts, including Rachel Cruze, Ken Coleman, Jade Warshaw, George Kamel and Dr. John Delony. This diverse variety of topics and hosts makes the show unlike any other in the industry.   

In 2023, callers on the show paid off more than $36 million in debt, inspiring the millions of people that listen to the show on podcast and radio or watch on YouTube. Moving into 2024, “The Ramsey Show” will continue to provide hope for its audience, releasing episodes each weekday.    

For more information about “The Ramsey Show,” listen wherever you consume podcasts or visit  

About Ramsey Network | Ramsey Network, a part of Ramsey Solutions, is home to “The Ramsey Show,” a top podcast and the second-largest nationally syndicated radio program in America. The network produces 11 podcasts, nine YouTube programs and the Webby Award-winning documentary, “Borrowed Future.” Ramsey Network’s accessible, engaging and transformative content helps people take control of their money, navigate relationships, guide their careers, become better leaders and grow their businesses. 

Samantha Ellis