What is RamseyTrusted?

When you bump up against some of the more serious things in life, like making a will or selling your house, you don’t want to screw it up. But how in the world are you supposed to find professional help you can actually trust when the marketplace has gotten so loaded with crooks?

Our answer: RamseyTrusted.

RamseyTrusted is a place for folks to easily connect with top-notch, principled service providers so that the next time you need reliable help you’ll know exactly where to find it. No fear, no fumbling in the dark looking for recommendations. Just gold standard Ramsey-style professional help.

“Just wanted to take a moment to tell you about an amazing ELP we worked with. She always responded quickly and gave us tips to save money even when it would ultimately mean less commission for her . . . We were about to make a huge mistake and she guided us in the right direction. We are so blessed to have received so much help from her.” — Chad and Samantha A., ELP users

Dave Ramsey ELP and RamseyTrusted Explained

If you’ve known about Ramsey Solutions—aka Dave Ramsey—for very long at all, you’re probably familiar with our Ramsey ELP (Endorsed Local Providers) program. Back in the uphill-both-ways, barefoot-in-the-snow days of The Dave Ramsey Show, when folks called in with tough real estate and money situations, it didn’t seem right to just cut them loose and hope for the best after they’d come to us for advice. So Dave and his team started building a network of pros who knew their stuff and who shared Ramsey values.

That humble start has grown into a network of nearly 5,000 top-notch tax, insurance and real estate pros in every state, plus national advertisers we rely on to serve you with products that protect what you’ve built and who you love. That’s a crackerjack place to be, but it’s not the finish line for us. Because you know what?

Excellence doesn’t have a finish line.

Now those local providers and our national partners are united under the carefully constructed umbrella of RamseyTrusted. That means:

•They’ll all go through the same thorough RamseyTrusted vetting process.

• They’ll participate in the same ongoing RamseyTrusted coaching.

• They’ll be subject to the same RamseyTrusted scoring based on our expectations for serving you.

  It’s about consistency. But what is consistency, really? Example time: Think about your favorite restaurant. Got it in your head? You’ve been there at least a few times. Maybe you always order the same thing, maybe not, but it’s always delicious and you get top-notch service every time. You know how to order, who you pay, and whether you need to get there early on a Friday evening if you want a table. 

That’s consistency. It’s knowing you can go in with high expectations and leave happy, and it goes a heckuva long way toward establishing a trust-based relationship. RamseyTrusted ratchets up the consistency so you can trust our service.

Where RamseyTrusted Began

The services that are all part of RamseyTrusted came from our conviction that when good, hardworking people (that’s you) need professional help with necessary life stuff, like investing for retirement,  they should be able to get it. And they should be able to feel confident about it—not worried that they’re going to get scammed and hung out to dry.

But that’s not the reality out in the business world, so folks are either spinning their wheels looking for recommendations, or they’re trying to do things on their own—things they shouldn’t be doing alone!

Trying to find professional help for all the things . . . it’s a time-sucking, hand-me-the-ibuprofen experiment in adulting. And that’s the problem RamseyTrusted exists to help you solve.

“Creating our will was so easy that I thought we did something wrong! We had been putting it off for the first year of our marriage because we were expecting it to take a large chunk of time. But we sat down one day just to get it started, and all of the sudden we were finished!” — Alex S., MamaBear Legal Forms (a RamseyTrusted partner) user.

How Do You Know a Pro Is RamseyTrusted Material?

In 20-plus years of building our network of providers, we’ve learned some things, like:

• It’s worth it to do the work on the front end to weed out the bozos and whittle your list down to only professionals you know you can trust.

• Trust isn’t something that just gets earned once and kept forever. It’s earned and then maintained day in and day out.

From our local RamseyTrusted Providers, like our insurance and tax pros, to our national advertisers, like Zander Insurance and MamaBear Legal Forms, they all go through layers of safety nets.

Thorough Vetting

We won’t sugarcoat it: We put our pros through the freaking wringer before they ever start their first day of work with us. It’s not just one interview or phone call. Like the old canary in a coal mine, our leaders and coaches put their finely tuned radars to the test, and if things don’t check out—it’s a no. So when pros make it, you know they’ve got chops. And you know they want to serve you.

Ongoing Coaching in Ramsey Teachings

Our coaches have regularly scheduled coaching sessions with our pros, helping them to keep pursuing that missional, heart-of-a-teacher, reliable mindset that RamseyTrusted stands for. And the group coaching sessions connect successful RamseyTrusted Providers so they can inspire each other and share what’s working for them.

RamseyTrusted Scoring System

The Ramsey Score

The coaches who interact with our pros assess and update their Ramsey Scores regularly based on the values we’re looking for in our providers. And that score tells our Ramsey Team which providers may need a little more support and which ones are out there bringing their A-game for you every day.

RamseyTrusted Fan Feedback

Unfiltered feedback helps everybody involved—Ramsey Solutions, our fans, and the pros—because we know our Ramsey fans. You’re savvy and you’ve got high expectations (our hearts swell with pride). So we’ll make it easy for you to tell us how things are going with your RamseyTrusted experience.

“I have sold three properties in my life, and for the first time, I understood what I was doing, why, and how I was doing it.  We went into sold, pending and closing in less than 48 hours . . . The best part, I walked away with a check for $40,000 from the sale and put it all toward my debt snowball!”   — Angela H., ELP user  

How You’ll Know a Provider Is RamseyTrusted

When providers become a part of our RamseyTrusted program, they get the privilege and responsibility of using our shield. And that shield means something. It’s a symbol of our commitment to fight for our customers and to put serving over selling. It’s not just a slick piece of graphic design people can download and use just for paying their monthly membership fees. 

To be clear, even a mission-hearted business is a business. We support our RamseyTrusted pros in their marketing, client relationships, and more, and our pros pay for those services—that’s why we can afford to bring you a world-class program at no cost to you. But the shield and the RamseyTrusted status cannot be bought. Providers who want to work with us will earn our trust and yours, day in and day out. It’s nonnegotiable. Lose our trust, lose the shield. Simple as that.

RamseyTrusted: How We Work for You

We’ve taken all the things we’ve learned—the good, the bad and the ugly—over the years of connecting our fans to professional services, and we’ve chiseled and built on them to shape something new and better in RamseyTrusted.  And those changes for our fans mean changes for our company too. The Ramsey team members who used to serve separate ELP and national advertising teams are now one big RamseyTrusted family. They’re all working on a new floor, teaming up and getting to know people they may have never worked with before, doing things in a fresh way—a “together” way that’s about sharing wins and losses so we can bring our fans a world-class experience each time you come to us.

And as if the goal of world-class service all the time isn’t bold and audacious enough, we’re also working to expand the types of services we can offer you. Because life isn’t just about winning with money. It’s marriage, family, mental health . . . so many things. Whatever kind of reliable advice you come looking for at Ramsey, if we don’t already know someone, you can bet we’re working to find a RamseyTrusted Provider who can help you and empower you.

So be on the lookout. It won’t happen overnight. But we’re fired up to make it happen for you. 

A wise old Georgia farmer once said, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” We’re looking forward to blowing that idea to smithereens. Even excellence can improve. Welcome to RamseyTrusted.

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