Congratulations! You’re debt-free! 🎉

Did you know more than $1 billion of debt has been paid off by Debt-Free Screamers on The Ramsey Show? One billion is a big deal. In fact, getting out of any amount of debt is a big deal—and you crushed it. Way to go!

Of course, we can’t celebrate every debt-free story on the Debt-Free Stage (or we’d be screaming for days). So, for your story to be considered, please fill out this form as honestly and accurately as possible.

And keep in mind, all Debt-Free Screams have to be done at Ramsey Solutions Headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee. We hope to see you soon!

Contact Information

Schedule a Time

To keep the content of the show fresh, your debt must have been paid off within the last six months.

If you are married, both spouses must be present in order to do a debt free scream.





Should you be selected to do an on-air scream, you will be required to give income information on the air.

Financial Habits

Due to the volume of requests we receive, the process to schedule a debt free scream can be a long one. We review every request that is sent in. However, due to the high volume of requests we are unable to reply to each one. If you meet our guidelines, you may receive a response in 4-6 weeks. NOTE: When you choose to visit us at Ramsey HQ, please know that we'll be filming and you may be on camera. Also, Dave's schedule is subject to change. There's always the possibility that the show could be canceled. If this happens, we'll let you know as soon as possible and can try to reschedule.